Smart Range

Introducing the latest innovation from Zinc, our Smart Range.

Powered by lithium technology and styled with a sleek and clean aesthetic, the Smart Range epitomises a new generation of Zinc products.

Smart A

Smart A

Leading the charge in the Smart range is the Smart A power board. Feel the force under your feet as you glide along at speeds of up to 8mph. The powerful lithium battery can take you up to 20km in one ride, even on inclines of up to 20°. The battery and balance indicators make sure you’re in charge of your ride.

Smart Kart

Smart Kart

For those seeking a whole new experience, switch up the way you ride with the Smart Kart. Simply clip it over any power board and then take a racing position. Adjustable footrests and easy control levers provide a smooth ride and the race style bucket seat brings the race to life!

*Fits most 6.5″ power boards

Smart Covers

Smart Cover

Uniquely designed to fit the Smart A perfectly, this cover will protect your board from bumps and scratches during general use.

Smart Warranty

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