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Initial interest on the electric scooter has been extremely positive, which indicates the new Zinc Volt will be a key line for the future success of Zinc brand.

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Introducing Zinc’s brand new power board, the Smart A.

Leading the charge in the new Smart range, the Smart A is the next generation of two-wheeled travel.

Feel the force under your feet as you glide along at speeds of up to 8mph. The powerful lithium battery can take you up to 20km in one ride, even on inclines of up to 20°. The battery and balance indicators make sure you’re in charge of your ride. Smart A now available in Argos

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Smart X

The new Smart X hoverboard features new innovative technology which puts the power under your feet, lets you glide along at speeds of up to 7.5mph and travel up to 20km in just one charge. With front LED lights, thick rubber wheels, balance indicators, thick rubber tyres and anti-slip footplates you can ensure a smooth and sturdy ride. Smart X now available at Argos


The Zinc Astrum Lithium Electric Scooter combines powerful lithium technology with aggressive stunt styling. The thumb trigger allows for rapid acceleration, reaching speeds of up to 15mph and the lithium battery can keep you riding for up to 90 minutes. The polished aluminium deck, alloy core front wheel and rear footbrake give the Astrum a sleek but stunt look, adding a hardcore edge to your ride. Astrum available at Halfords

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