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Why is the hoverboard not responding correctly to my movements?

Your hoverboard may need recalibrating. In order to recalibrate the hoverboard; place it on a flat, horizontal surface with the foot platforms sitting flat and parallel to the ground (we recommend using a spirit level to check this). Turn off the hoverboard and ensure that the two platforms are perfectly aligned and not twisted. Press and hold the power button for 8 seconds; the hoverboard will beep. Turn the board off and then on again. The hoverboard is now calibrated and ready to go!

Calibration will need to be repeated regularly to keep correct wheel alignment and balance.

Why is the light on the charger turning green as soon as I plug the board in?

If this is happening, you should ensure that the charger is properly connected to the board. If the board has run out of charge after use and this issue is occurring, please continue to charge your board for the recommended amount of time.

Why is the balance indicator light on my board turning red and making a noise?

The board may have encountered a problem during use and is issuing you a safety alert. Please refer to the FAQ sheet to see why the alert may have been issued. When a safety alert is issued, please take precaution. Not all safety alerts require repair or action; some are just warnings to promote proper usage.

Why am I struggling to ride my hoverboard?

If you are struggling to ride your hoverboard, please follow the below riding tips:

  • Keep a relaxed posture with your weight evenly balanced and hold your arms in a comfortable position by your sides
  • Use a wide stance with your feet on the foot platforms positioned as close to the wheels as possible
  • Stay alert to your surroundings and watch out for obstacles and surface changes
  • Do not abruptly accelerate or lunge
  • Always be prepared to stop in an emergency
  • Respect others around you and leave plenty of room when moving past, whilst remembering to give others right of way
  • Remember at higher speeds it is necessary to shift your weight to overcome the centrifugal force
  • For bumps or uneven surfaces, bend your knees

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