Volt 150/200 Electric Scooter Replacement Battery


Replacement battery pack for the Zinc Volt 150/200 Electric Scooter. The battery is replaced by unscrewing and taking off the footplate and detaching the 2 plastic connectors that connect the battery to the scooter's controller. After disconnecting the old battery, the new battery is then fitted by connecting the same 2 plastic connectors to the controller and screwing the footplate back on. The Volt 150/200 Electric Scooter contains a lead acid battery meaning that the battery has a memory. Please charge battery for the first time for a full 12 hours and subsequent charges for 5 hours to maintain the battery health. Charge scooter once a month even when not in use.

Compatible only with the Volt 150/200 Electric Scooters.

Specifications: 12V 7.5Ah x2 Sealed Lead Acid Battery