Welcome to the home of Zinc, the UK’s number 1 selling scooter brand. We design and manufacture a range of scooters, bikes, skateboards, skates, and this year we introduced our first hoverboard.

Initial interest on the electric scooter has been extremely positive, which indicates the new Zinc Volt will be a key line for the future success of Zinc brand. The powerful 24v Zinc Volt electric scooter reaches speeds of up to 12kmph and can reach up to 13 kilometres on a single 5 hour charge. In addition, the scooter includes a variable speed motor which is controlled by a ‘twist and go’ throttle mechanism, an innovative feature, ideal for its intended youthful market.

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Zinc hoverboards are the next generation of two-wheeled travel. Feel the force under your feet with our lithium powered Smart A and Smart X boards. All hoverboards meet trading standards, and all are fully electrical safety certified meaning that they are completely safe to use.



The Number 1 scooter brand manufactures a range of designs for every type of rider. Whether you’re learning to ride, into your stunt scooters or prefer the thrill of an electric scooter, Zinc has a model for every ability.

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